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Company introduction

   NWOW International is a company specializes in manufacturing electric bicycle with high-quality parts for continuous innovation and development operation of state of the art electric bicycle distributors. 

   Founded in 2017 in Carmona, Cavite through the passion, motivation and perseverance of its director, Mr. Kang Ding Wu. Our products are originated from China in which its main factory is located and assembled here in the Philippines. We supply to more than 19 dealers with almost 150+ stores namely NWOW Marketing, TAILG, YADEA, Kingbon, Ehero Marketing, Vitong, CHKK, Daterose, Gamma, X.D.A.O, XDAO, KCINO, T10 Electric Bike, RH Marketing ,  D.C.Y, Haoture, EMC-2, WSP, & GC10.


  Now we also have our international branch located in Sri Lanka and France. Chinese manufacturer always have the urge and passion to design a new process of mechanism, innovation, and concern for the environment. In this aspect, they started designing and creating automotive that are not only beneficial for the motorists but also cares for the nature, and most importantly the safety of the user. We aspire to become the new era of the electric bicycle industry.

Operating industry chain

  • Electric vehicle design and assembly
  • New energy lithium battery
  • Intelligent production of parts
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance and big data
  • Import and export

At present, the company's R&D and production products are mainly based on electric vehicle series, with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan. It has successively established its own electric vehicle chain stores in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, France, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries, and has obtained foreign investors in the Philippines. The company has thousands of foreign employees, and its domestic imported fast-moving consumer goods business covers major domestic cities such as Nanjing, Wuxi, and Chengdu.

Honorary certificate
The patent certificate
The patent certificate

     With the accelerating pace of economic development and life, more and more people have chosen convenient and environmentally friendly electric vehicles as their regular transportation in recent years. 

   In order to protect the personal safety of consumers and national security, different countries have promulgated different traffic management regulations to make mandatory requirements for vehicles on the road, that is, the vehicles sold can only be legally ridden after they have the corresponding certificates and license plates. Such as CE, COC, EEC, E-mark, etc. We have complete certificates and provide users free of charge.