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Franchise Introduction
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     NWOW International is a corporation specializes in manufacturing electric bicycle with excellent quality parts for continuous innovation and development operation of state of the art electric bicycle distributors. Founded in 2017 in Carmona, Cavite through the passion, motivation and perseverance of its director, Mr. Kang Ding Wu.

      Our products originated from China in which its main factory is located and assembled here in the Philippines. We supply to more than 8 dealers with almost 100+ stores namely Tailg Marketing, Nwow Marketing, Yadea Marketing, RH Marketing, ERVP Marketing, Ehero Marketing, Kingbon Electric Bike, CHKK Electric Bike Trading, and XDAO Electric Bike Trading. Now we also have our international branch located in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and France.

NWOW Franchisee Advantages

Dealership Advantages:

      Even though We all keep moving forward and starting to get back to our life just like before pandemic, many consumers prefer to use personal transportation vehicle, however, the challenge now that every Motorcycles and Car user facing now is the ongoing Gasoline Price Hike. Therefore, many consumer starting to consider Electric Vehicle, which is a great advantage and opportunity to all the Electric Vehicle Distributors. NWOW International Trading are now open its different type of dealership, exclusive dealer and independent dealer that has their own rules and guidelines that company can offer plus, company offers franchise that open to adopt the company rules and system, they offer also the sales agent that can help those people who want’s to have extra income.


Advertising and Promotional Support:

      NWOW International provide Images, Video, and graphics that the entire dealers might use to advertise and promote their Brand on any Social Media Accounts. Company can assist in different type of advertisement depend on the dealer’s needs. Dealer can also adopt what company proposed promotion to increase sales company give additional discount in every dealer if they will be the one who participate in company promo.



       The company is the one who responsible for organizing the training activities, to train the sales staff of the DEALER, to ensure that the sales staff will be familiar and knowledgeable with our products, as well as with selling skills customer service and other training.


Technical Assistance:

      The company shall provide the DEALER, technical assistance, user instruction and information of the Products and shall regularly apprise the DEALER of relevant information regarding existing and upcoming products of the COMPANY.

Join Conditions

1. A natural person capable of independently bearing civil liability or an enterprise legal person independently bearing civil liability.

2. Those with relevant business experience can be preferred.

3. Have high-quality moral character.

5. Be able to identify with the company's business philosophy and model.

6. Have a certain economic foundation.

7. Able to abide by the company's management policies and maintain the company and brand image well.

8. Have a strong desire for knowledge in the industry and have a good reputation.

How much is the joining fee?

There are two types of membership fees:

1. Franchisees who are already operating stores:

Applicants who meet the joining conditions after review only need to pay for the products. If the order quantity reaches a certain requirement, the image materials can be obtained free of charge.

2. Those who want to open a NWOW store:

Applicants who meet the joining conditions after review need to bear greater financial pressure. The franchise fee of the brand includes the expenses required in many aspects:

a. Decoration costs, furniture costs, rent, water and electricity costs, staff wages, etc. The specific amount depends on the price level of the location where the store is opened.

b. The products payment during the business period can be paid on a monthly basis. That is, a monthly payment to the company for the products sold. Unsold products may not be paid for temporarily.

c. The company conducts online and offline promotion activities for the store for free, and provides the image logistics of the store for free. Including: display racks, door headers, cashier background boards and other image materials.

Join Process

1. Joining consultation: Visit our official website nwow.co.th to submit an application or come to the store for consultation.

2. Qualification review: The headquarters conducts qualification review for franchisees.

3. Two-way inspection: Franchisees can come to the company for project inspection, or inspect the company's R&D and production headquarters in China at their own expense.                      During the period, the company will inspect the location of the store selected by the franchisee to see if it has the potential to operate.

4. Signing the contract: Both parties confirm that there is no dispute over the inspection results and formally sign the contract.

5. Payment of fees: Franchisees pay relevant fees to NWOW according to the type of franchise they choose.

6. Headquarters training: The headquarters arranges franchisees for technical training and business training.

7. Store decoration: NWOW provides decoration guidance and design guidance for franchisees.

       8. Opening guidance: The headquarters will continue to pay attention to the operation of NWOW electric vehicle franchisees, and provide business guidance and help.

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