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Shell opens first charging station in PH

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Great news today for the automotive industry Pilipinas Shell has just opened its first-ever charging station in the country. The new Shell Recharge site is located at Shell SLEX Mamplasan. The Shell Recharge station is equipped with two 180kWh DC fast chargers, both with CCS2 connectors. This charger is compatible with most European electric vehicles, and can fully recharge an EV in about 30 minutes. Charging costs P65 per minute.

The charging station accepts various payment options. Now, there are no rewards or points system available for EV owners, but the company plans to roll out benefits for Shell Go+ customers soon. Philippines Shell plans to open more Shell Recharge stations this year. The company shared during the recent launch that we can expect anywhere from three to eight new sites to open in 2022, but it has yet to specify where the sites will be located.  These charging stations are part of Shell’s global sustainability initiatives that include achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.