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Nissan Philippines Launches e-POWER:The Perfect Gateway To EVs

source: | Author:NWOW | Date : 2022-07-16 | 188 Views | Share:

The world's leading governments have unified in their support for a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone as the effects of climate change increase. This has had an impact on how the automotive industry will develop, particularly in light of the EU's announcement that it will stop selling new gasoline and diesel cars by 2035.


However, one of the most concern of EV users is range anxiety.For some individuals, filling up a gas tank quickly is preferable to charging a battery for hours. Additionally, gas stations are far more common than charging stations. 


Nissan e-POWER solves this issue completely. As a “series hybrid,” it has both a gasoline-powered source and an electric motor. Unlike conventional hybrids, the gas generator has no direct role in propelling the car forward. Its primary and only task is to turn the fuel into charge for the battery, which in turn the electric motor uses to power the vehicle.


What makes it unique? Read full article https://unbox.ph/editorials/nissan-philippines-launches-e-power-the-perfect-gateway-to-evs/


Overall, Nissan e-POWER technology combines the best features of Gasoline cars, EVs, and hybrids into a single unit. You get other clever features in addition to an electric motor's performance, a conventional engine's range, and ease of recharging. You are simultaneously protecting the environment and your wallet.