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NWOW International at the Inaugural Auto Parts and Vehicles Expo Philippines 2024

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The international event held in the Philippines highlighting auto parts and vehicles “Auto Parts and Vehicles Expo Philippines 2024” officially commenced and enthrall auto enthusiasts bringing them into an electrifying ride at the World Trade Center from June 05 to June 07 for a powering showcase of innovation and technology. NWOW International is proud to be an exhibitor at this momentous event, in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau.

With over 120 international and regional exhibitors hailing from 28 countries, including manufacturers, distributors, and solution providers, this expo is set to be a global gathering of automotive excellence. Providing more knowledge and supplying information for visitors, exhibitors and important individuals about the industry.

Visitors can expect a dynamic lineup of seminars, conferences, and thrilling surprises throughout the event which will tackle the latest update on auto technology, electric vehicles and other important topics. Government officials and important sectors will also be in attendance, demonstrating their support for this groundbreaking occasion and having the very first Arangkada NCR Transport Congress discussing the consolidation and issues arising from each cooperative.

Make sure to visit NWOW International's booth to experience the electrifying power of electric vehicles firsthand.

Grand Opening Ceremony of the APVE Philippines 2024

Photo Credits: Auto Parts and Vehicle Expo’s Facebook Page

NWOW International’s Booth at the DTI-EMB Pavilion