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Pedal Up: Inaugural of Hulog Program of the Municipal Government of Los Baños

source: | Author:NWOW | Date : 2024-07-05 | 242 Views | Share:

The Municipal Government of Los Baños, under the leadership of Mayor Anthony Genuino, has launched one of its major initiatives, the Hulog Program. This innovative rent-to-own program, initially offered by NWOW, aims to provide an accessible path for drivers to acquire electric vehicles, ensuring sustainable and convenient transportation for their daily rides.

The inaugural ceremony featured the awarding of NWOW EP2 units to local pedicab drivers, a significant step towards cleaner and convenient transportation. Edilco Abad, the Head of the Transportation and Regulation Unit of the Municipal of Los Baños, spearheaded the event, underscoring the municipality's commitment to environmental sustainability and driver welfare.

The Hulog Program represents a collaborative effort between NWOW and the Municipal Government, striving to ease the financial burden on drivers while promoting comfort and sustainability. This initiative not only supports drivers in obtaining reliable electric vehicles but also aligns with the municipality's broader goals which is helping them with their everyday lives.

WATCH THE VIDEO COVERAGE/HIGHLIGHTS HERE: http://youtu.be/bI5iJPkJgv0?si=voWjaNgn8Zq5kHv3