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In this article, we will look into different criteria that will put you in the right direction to make a proper choice of electric vehicles. With the electric bikes continuously expanding, they naturally invite comparison between electric bikes than motorcycles.

Differences between Motorcycles and Electric Bikes

The main difference between the two vehicle types is that motorcycles fully powered by a motor, electric bikes use electric motors to assist riders. Motorcycles also tend to be much more powerful than an electric bicycle, with many models ascending to speeds that rival the fastest automobiles.


The difference in maximum speed between a motorcycle and an e-bike will be even simpler than when comparing mopeds vs electric bikes. Motorcycles built for speed, with many reaching speeds above 60 miles per hour and certain dirt bike models reaching over 100 to 150 mph. An electrical bicycle, on the other hand, typically maxes out at 25 mph that can suite to many individual who wants to travel daily without a highly cost.


There is no way about it. Electric bikes require much less maintenance than motorcycles. Hogs, as they affectionately known, require regular upkeep and maintenance and they will have to go in for repair if something goes wrong. E-bikes simply have fewer components, meaning fewer chances for malfunctions. On average, the repair costs for an e-bike will be much less than what you will find with a motorcycle. You can also simply swap out parts with an e-bike, such as the battery, which is something only an expert will be able to do with a motorcycle. In addition, have company in the Philippine that offering lifetime free service that can help more to e-bikers user.


Motorcycles can be extremely expensive, with a new model costing P100,000 or more, depending on the features on offer. Electric bikes, on the other hand, can typically be purchased for less than P90,000 or under. In fact, the most expensive e-bikes come in at around half of the average price of a motorcycle. Combine this increased up-front cost with insurance obligations, licensing fees, repair, and maintenance, and e-bikes are the clear choice for budget-conscious commuters.