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Electric motorcycles based on a similar mechanism as gas-powered motorcycles. They use an electric engine to generate power, which is transform into movement energy. However, there is one big difference. Instead of burning gas, the engine of an electric motorcycle uses electricity as its fuel. However, how does it work?

 Here are the four main components that move your electric Motorcycle:

1. Charging battery--The magic starts with the battery of your electric motorcycle. Charging uses an electric charging station or outlet installed near your housing area. It can take anywhere between 4 to 24 hours to reach full charge, depending on the type of battery your motorcycle has.

 For example, lithium batteries are fast charging and can be fully recharge within 1 to 2 hours. Where else, a lead acid battery of will take over 12 hours to charge to full capacity.

2. Starting the Engine--Once you charge the battery, you can start your electric motorcycle with just a turn of the key – very much like a conventional motorbike. The electric motorcycle just transforms the power from the battery directly to the engine.

3. Power Generation--To generate power to move, you have to ensure that electricity from the battery pack is deliver to the engine of your electric motorbike. In other words, your electric motorcycle will not move or accelerate if its battery is not charged. It is pretty much like trying to ride a conventional motorbike with an empty fuel tank.

4. Acceleration--When you accelerate on your electric motorcycle with a twist of the throttle, the power going out from the battery into the electric engine will increase. Moving parts within the engine will transfer the power into the sprockets and the chain will start moving. Movement of the chain will activate rotation of the rear wheel and your motorcycle will start going forward.