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10 Tips for Riding an Electric Bike in the Rain

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  1. CHECK THE FENDER- Fenders help keep your dress dry. While electric bikes are mostly water-resistant - the drivetrain or motor can endure heavy splashes and the battery will not fail by getting wet2

  2. WATERPROOF CLOTHES- One of the most challenging things about riding in the rain is how quickly your clothes become wet. Because of this, it is a good idea to wear clothes that keep you warm and as dry as possible. A light raincoat or jacket is a must-have for any ride in the rain. Avoid wearing cotton in wet conditions.

  3. SAFETY GEAR OR EQUIPMENT- As previously mentioned, when you ride in the rain, water would eventually get everything wet. Because of this, be sure to also waterproof gear.

  4. USE HEADLIGHTS AND TAILLIGHTS- As with any ride that is taken during this time low visibility, using head and taillights becomes even more critical in the rain. Before heading out for your ride, be sure to consider using blinking heads and taillights either on your helmet or on handlebars to make you as visible as possible to others on the road.

  5. BRAKE EARLY -Much like driving a car, wet weather conditions can make coming to a complete stop for e-bikes slightly more difficult. Though many electric bikes include disk brakes instead of the rim brakes that are often found on traditional bicycles, and function better in the rain because of it, it’s still important to remember to brake earlier than you usually would when riding your e-bike in the rain. Also, depending on if your tires have high pressure, braking early is incredibly important to avoid hydroplaning.

  6. BE CAUTIOUS OF CORNERS- Electric bikes are arguably more fun to ride than traditional bikes, as the additional power they provide can radically enhance the riding experience. However, when riding an e-bike in the rain, you will want to be cautious of how much power you are using, especially when turning corners. When approaching a corner in the rain, slow down more than you would in normal conditions and try to prevent yourself from leaning around the corner too much. This will help keep as much tire on the ground as possible.

  7. LOOK FOR SLICK SPOTS- After the first rain, the ground can become slick due to all the oil and dirt that have not washed away. Because of this, your ride can become unpredictable, with plenty of slick spots you might not see right away. When riding in the rain, try to avoid puddles or standing water, but also keep an eye out for puddles that appear colorful, as these likely have gas or lubricant substances in them, making them even slicker. Additionally, avoid painted lines on the road (i.e., lane markers), as they can also become particularly slippery when it rains. Similarly, railroad tracks can become quite slippery when wet. Cross railroad tracks at a 90-degree angle whenever possible.

  8. MAKE YOURSELF VISIBLE – As earlier mentioned, road visibility on rainy days for everyone on the road gets a little more complicated. Consequently, if you choose to ride an electric bike, be sure that you are taking the proper steps to ensure that you are as visible. If possible, it will be a good idea to wear neon or luminescent clothing with reflectors. Additionally, be sure to also follow all traffic laws and be more cautious than you typically are to avoid an accident, injury, or mishap.

  9. PLAN A SAFETY ROUTE- Before stepping out on your ride, try to plan a route that is as safe as possible. For example, if you typically go for rides on the road with gravel, loose stones, and cracks in the pavement, try your best to avoid these areas when riding in the rain. Not only will this decision help keep you safe, but it can also protect your bike from debris and other road elements that you may not be able to see due to low visibility in wet conditions.

  10. CLEAN YOUR ELECTRIC BIKE AFTER YOU RIDE- Lastly, after each rainy ride, make sure you take a few additional minutes after the ride to wash off any debris and dry your electric bike.

While e-bikes are an incredibly economical and efficient type of transportation, it still requires maintenance. Taking the time to wash and dry your e-bike, including the battery, after a dirty ride can have considerable benefits to its well-being over the years.

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