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NWOW International offers the longest Battery Warranty with all our electric bikes, which is one of the best in our business. We are so confident in batteries quality of the cells within them and in addition to our confidence; we have hundred-plus authorized branches nationwide where you can bring your e-bike anytime anywhere. Here is the list of additional safety guidelines on how to lengthen the life of your electric bike battery.

1. Do not drain the battery - Try to avoid completely flattening your bike battery. It is going to struggle to hold a full charge. Most bikes have an LCD Display or indicator on the battery so you can keep the truck.

2. Do not overcharge-   Make sure that the battery has been properly charged? Unplug your battery as soon as fully charged.

3.  Cooling Down –Give the battery at least 30 minutes of rest after use before charging, after the battery has been charged leave also for 30 minutes the before using the battery.

4. Store it with a partial charge- if you are not going to ride your e-bike for a few weeks or longer, it is better to store your electric bike at less than fully charged.

5.  Clean it with care - If you disconnect your battery regularly, take the opportunity to clean it with a damp cloth and brush any dirt off the connections with a dry brush. Clean and lightly grease the battery contacts occasionally, too

6. Physical Checkups –Check the appearance of the battery if it is bloated. If the battery is bloated, bring it to the nearest NWOW Authorized Dealer.

 Batteries degrade either way, and we all come with an expiration date, so make sure to get an e-bike with a battery that is worth your money. Look for an e-bike with a free battery check-up and a long guarantee.